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you're just an empty cage girl, if you kill the bird

you're just an empty cage girl, if you kill the bird

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Writer. In my 30s, somehow. Not sure I'm a proper grown-up yet. Queer lady. Conflicted about the term 'lady'. Socialist. Bit of a goth.

"The level of gratitude I have for this weird, rambly, non-sense life wherein I write poetry to darkness and open love letters to the broken and eat cupcakes and brisket tacos in private, hidden cemeteries with people who talk to the dead professionally is immeasurably high.

I am open with these things in high god damn hopes I can inspire one of you weirdos to stop and remember me the instant you have to decide, 'settle down and be normal' or 'fuck it, be weird and learn to play the game in my favor'.

Chant my name on lips and souls until your own is braced with the necessary sinister qualities that it becomes a curse upon all who raise fist and word against your life. Upon this day shout your accursed blessings and do unto others. Never stop.”

- evilsoutherngentleman
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