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Having taken a shockingly long break from my previous LJ/DW in favour of Tumblr and Twitter, I'm feeling the need for a more meaningiful, text-based blog again. So here I am. I'm not locking this yet, but depending on how personal things get, then I might do in future. Right now, it just feels good to have a space to work things out that isn't as stream-of-consciousness as my journal and not as public as anywhere else.

I'm hoping it can also serve as a way of checking that I'm actually on track of everything. So today's to do list involves:
  • Finish the kitchen
  • Do laundry
  • Put away my clothes
  • Make dinner
  • Write up an author interview
  • Apply for at least one job
  • Pull together a spreadsheet outlining my work to-do list for the next month.
My sister just messaged me on Facebook to see if I wanted to come to brunch with her and our cousin D. She's just moved down to London and he moved to Scotland about a year or so ago so it would be lovely to see them if a) I wasn't utterly broke this month and b) I've already told her that Sundays are my writing day - or, more accurately, my 'trying to finish all the shit I didn't do on Saturday because I wasted my time on Tumblr and trying to gather the spoons required to clean the house' day, but I have too much self-preservation to tell her that. The chances of her learning the extent of my fannish involvement now that she's moved down here are pretty high unless I don't introduce her to any of my friends, ever, but I'd like to do that in my time and ideally without using the words 'James Bond', 'chastity device' and 'M' in the same sentence. Which reminds me, I really must finish the second part of that fic...

Thanks to the combination of a crowded platform, a rude, shoving man and the very hard floor at Victoria Station, I currently don't have a working phone, which means that all of my productivity apps that are on there aren't accessible. I hadn't realised how much I'd been relying on the UFYH app to get things done, but the timer on my oven is doing the trick even if that means it will all go out of the window when I actually have to cook something. Still, I'm going to finish off the kitchen now and then reward myself with a ten minute break - or maybe fifteen, since I am shockingly low on spoons this week - reading Val McDermid's Cross and Burn, which is so far everything I want it to be - in other words, everything I wish for the sake of the characters and my pairing, is conspicuously absent. Nothing like having your heart taken out and stomped on severely to give you a good reader experience.

This next week is going to be rough - I'm having a nightmare of a time at work that's threatening to undo all the good work I've done on my mental health this year. The one thing I'm going to do to make it better, even though it's silly and frivolous, is give myself the best damn manicure I've ever had. I'm going to use the O.P.I 'Casino Royale' and layer 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' over it for pretty sparkly goodness. So at least if my week sucks, then my nails look pretty.

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